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Smart Choice 3 Teacher's Book Free Download [Updated]




xlsm document example for each activity, and even ideas for your own ideas for each activity. The Teacher's Book is also designed for use with the Smart Choice Gradebook. The Smart Choice Gradebook is a free Student Book application for Windows® that lets you manage and grade each student’s assignments in a structured way. It’s the ultimate way to efficiently manage assignments in your Smart Choice classroom. In this free Student Book, the results of the assignments are automatically recorded in the gradebook for each student and can be viewed in the gradebook window. (When a paper is submitted and graded in a PDF or online, students receive a message confirming the grade.) The Smart Choice Gradebook includes a gradebook display, a score pad, and gradebook statistics. Its unique features allow for paper-based grading and the efficient handling of the thousands of items in your Smart Choice classroom. The Teacher’s Book includes every student’s template, a template for each project assignment, and every assignment’s instructions. Smart Choice Gradebook Smart Choice Gradebook includes: Windows Desktop: A free application that you can download and use immediately to manage the thousands of assignments and grades in your Smart Choice classroom. It is compatible with Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, and Windows 7®. Windows Server: A version of the Smart Choice Gradebook that runs on the server. This version is for those who want to use Smart Choice Gradebook to manage assignments on their company’s network. The server version allows you to assign grades in advance of the day and store them on the server. Notes: Any changes made to the gradebook templates, assignment instructions, and gradebook in the Student Books do not transfer to the Teacher’s Book. Vendor/Dealer Edition Software: The Vendor/Dealer Edition Software (Smart Choice Gradebook) includes the following features: The Add New Assignment button will automatically add a new assignment to the gradebook. The Save Settings button will save any settings you have made to the gradebook. The Set Score to button will set the score that a student receives for each assignment. The View Score to button will display the current score a student receives for each assignment. The Delete Assignments button will delete assignments from the gradebook. The Assignment Grade button will change the grade for an assignment.



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Smart Choice 3 Teacher's Book Free Download [Updated]

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